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If you were like me, born in the USA during WWII or shortly there after, you are a “Baby Boomer”. We were once the most significant demographic in the world. But those days have come and gone a while ago. There have been several iterations since then, first our kids, and then our grand kids (or great grand kids) the “Millennials”. We also find ourselves chronologically “70ish …”

Younger than 70ish … ?

As you are, so once was I;

As I am, so you will be”…

This site is an eclectic combination of articles and stories about life in the past or that look at issues and events today that are common to our unique set of circumstances. It is still under development, it always will be, and it solicits your thoughts and comments to share with other 70ish people.
It also solicits thought and comments from younger people about parents, grandparents, or others who are 70ish. Just select a story from The Decades in the menu at the top and add your thoughts at the end of the story if you wish. Or click on “Your Story” in the menu at the top and add your own new story.

Boomers live longer

elderly-group2Boomers as a group are living longer than any generation before them. Many Boomers have done quite well for themselves and are secure financially, some have not. But we all face the inevitable issues of health, health of loved ones … and mortality. There is a common search for meaning that seems to get more insistent with time. That there is something out there that we haven’t done or accomplished or read or … “The Bucket List”…

And some Boomers still have to work to live.

We don’t remember turning “insignificant”. We don’t remember growing older, but we have, faster than we would have ever imagined.

So come on in using the menu at the top right, look at the “Decades” or “Your Story”, and share something from your history.

Baby Boomers… we’re still a big demographic!