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While I can’t really relate to the decades that proceeded me (before 1969) , this site does provide interesting reading. I’m sure the “70ish” people will relate and hopefully contribute stories of their experiences. But I can think about my experiences in the 80’s, 90’s & 00’s as it relates to the boomer generation. Obviously my experiences and point of view will be very different as a teen, twenty-something & thirty-something in those decades than someone in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s at the same time. As it is and has always been, our parents and their friends just seemed old and “out of touch”. We knew everything and didn’t need to hear what our elders had to say. I’m sure ancient Roman children felt the same way about their parents.

I’m curious what is was like to be a father of small children in the 70’s, or teen kids in the 80’s. Things were so different. It was a simpler and more innocent time, at least in this country.

Also, how has technology shaped the world from the POV of a 70ish person? I feel like things have changed so much just in my lifetime and the rate of innovation just keeps speeding up. Modern technology is a double edged sword. The benefits are obvious- it offers new comforts and conveniences, instant access to limitless information, and advances in medicine that help us live longer. Unfortunately the price we are paying for these rewards is still unclear. It seems to me that part of this toll is the loss of innocence, wonder and fascination. My kids could never be satisfied by putting metal skate wheels on a wooden box as long as tablet computers and smartphones exist. This is sad to me but not to them. From their POV this is progress, just the way things are. They are doomed to wax sentimental about the days when they were happy to play with their ancient iPad and video games. I like to blow my kids minds by telling them about the days when I was their age and phones were connected to the wall…with cords!

Darn, now I feel old!

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