Turning “70ish”, I realize I have been fortunate to have many dear women friends, including my own sister and sisters-in-law. Most of us have been friends for more than 50 years!
women-friendsI started out feeling as if I would always be young. I would guess most women do, even more than men do. And during the flurry of life’s many “big moments”; getting married, having and raising kids, then (hopefully) grand kids, I didn’t reflect on aging. Who wanted to? Who had time?
article-2310435-1958521e000005dc-924_638x455My friends and I had babies to grow, husbands to train, kids then teenagers to worry about … it makes me tired to think about it.
young-familyAnd as our families grew, my friends and I shared a lot of it.
But now…? Now I am aware of that most of this activity is now going on outside of my immediate sphere of influence. Oh I am often involved, just not as directly as I once was. As I have joined the 70ish club, I have realized that this is a good thing, this is the way life was meant to be!
One of the things this new time allows is reflection. Reflection on, among other things, what a wonderful gift my friends have been, and still are!
Each one of my many friends are precious to me, and one way I think of them is as Jewels. A Treasure that lasts during my life and beyond. And like real jewels, they seem to be many colors sizes and shapes. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphire, each one different but all precious.
My Jewels were acquired during the major times of my adult life. Early marriage, growing children, older children, empty nest, and beyond.

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