Then and Now

This website certainly brings back the memories from my early years. I’m 70ish now and have a little different take on revisiting the 50s and 60s. I see this as an opportunity for comparison of then and now.  The 50s and 60s presented many unique choices for young people growing up in America. Life was simple and genuine; even our toys were mostly made of metal and wood (not much plastic like now.) If we had a “skateboard,” it was an old clackety roller skate nailed to a 2’ x 4’, maybe with a soapbox, but we used, shared, fixed and enjoyed them.  Even with the conflict in Korea the people in America were pretty much content and worked well together. Less violence against each other made for better times.

Looking back from today at my experiences in those years, I can see a lot of things have changed. I was an Eagle Scout and truly believed that this country belonged to us, and we had the responsibility to take care of it. So, what happened??  How did we fail so miserably??

Time passed and I vividly remember the President of the United States of America (Bill Clinton, after being caught dirty) stood before our nation, stating, “Anything that isn’t against the law is okay to do.” I tried that argument with my father (a respected WWII veteran.) He told me, “You’re an Eagle Scout and should know better than that.”

The next American President to foster this new attitude was George Bush #2, accused of defrauding investors in an oil well scam during his presidential debates by manipulating investors’ money into his own personal account. While the court case was pending our heroic President stood before America and stated, “Sometimes you just have to test the law to find out what it means.” LESSON HERE: An Eagle Scout knows better, but the President of the United States doesn’t.

I have more of these examples to think about now that I am in my 70s and watch America’s morals deteriorate. American college students who have never earned a paycheck or witnessed government deductions from hard-earned income are out demonstrating because they want more Socialism. I’m just not convinced that computer games and flat screen TV has done them much good.

In court rooms today judges instruct juries to leave the interpretation of our laws to them. I know the judges understand these laws better than we do, but do they know and practice the difference between right and wrong?

It could be that I have no business leaving a contribution on this website, but let’s see to it that we do not leave a diminished hope for future American youth. These statements may be too strong for some, but it’s not as if there isn’t anyone who doesn’t care.

Yes sir, the 1950s and 60s were a rare and golden time in America.

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